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Nitrile Medical Gloves

  • BASIC Brand Synthetic Nitrile Medical Gloves - Latex-Free, Powder-Free & Protein Free - NGPF - 7002 

    • Box of 100

    • Blue in color

    • Powder Free, Latex Free, Protein Free

    • Pull on closure

    • Hand wash

    • Smooth finish for greater tactile feedback, easier donning than standard vinyl gloves, longer wearing time than nitrile gloves, increased protection, resisting acid, alkali and oil

    • Applications: Medical Purpose, Healthcare and Nursing, Laboratory, Pet Care,  Kitchen, Beauty Salon, Industrial Purpose

    • As low as USD 2.40 per box* with door to door shipping included, US and Canada Only

  • Vinyl and Latex gloves are also available at similar price

  • Specifications for: BASIC Gloves & Kingfa Gloves

* For full container order

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